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Comprehensive Mower Servicing

Look no further than P & L Services for the best mower servicing in East Malling, West Malling. Our agricultural and horticultural engineering skills are top notch.

Lawnmower Repairs

Don't see your garden suffer with a faulty mower. From simple issues such as stale fuel in your mower's tank to full engineering repairs, we have the expertise to deal with it. We work with the full variety of common domestic mowers, such as:

Mower Repair - Mower Servicing in East Malling, West Malling Mower Repair - Mower Servicing in East Malling, West Malling

• Cylinder - We offer a cylinder re-sharpening service to keep them in tip-top shape. Cylinder lawnmowers work by having a stationary blade underneath, with a rotating blade that hits off of it creating a scissor effect.


• Rotary - Our sharpening service for rotary blades increases the productivity of the mower. Rotary mowers have a blade underneath that cuts the grass off as it stands, therefore shortening it.


• Ride-on-mowers - We keep your ride-on lawnmower in great condition with our servicing. These mowers work with a  blade underneath and an engine at the back. They can get to the size of a small tractor, so you don't want yours breaking down!


• Triple mowers - Like ride-on mowers these are sat on and are crucial to large area maintenance for sports fields or roadside verges, for example. Our repairs target the problem areas of the hydraulically operated 30-inch cylinder units, ensuring they keep running.

Seasonal Work

You know you need your lawnmowers in great shape for the busy spring and summer months. To fit around nature's schedule, we do the majority of our repairs and servicing work in and around winter time when the equipment is used less.

Contact P & L Services for comprehensive mower servicing that keeps your mower running.